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200 Level Corner Seating at Madison Square Garden Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

200 level corner seats are a cheaper alternative to side seating due to their distance from the stage. Rows 20 and above in sections 208-209 and 226-227 are almost always among the cheapest concert tickets at MSG. There are up to 25 seats in each of these rows, which makes it very difficult to get in and out.

For being as far away from the stage as they are, the sound in these sections is actually very good, though not as loud as in side and end seating.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Good tickets (if they are under 150 usd) "

      (Section 226) - -

      Good ones but very far in case of a concert.

    • "Awful"

      (Section 208) - -

      For the purposes of a concert there is a double obstructed view from the wall and the overhang. It's not great in row15 but 16 is just awful.

    • "Very far away and the lighting in the way. "

      (Section 209) - -

      Horrible ..very far but expecting far but not the many obstructions that were there. Lots of steps up and steep. Once seated, the lighting dropped low enough to completely block the screen prohibiting view of the singer standing at the mic for the whole show. The screen was also blocked by the light...

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