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Fiserv Forum Lower Level Baseline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Baseline sections can be one of the more difficult places to watch a basketball game. The biggest reason for this is the basket that can get in the way of fan's view of the plays below the basket. For this reason we suggest suggest sections 102, 110, 113, and 122 which are slightly in the corner compared to 101 and 112.

Sections 110, 112, and 113 are slightly larger than the other lower level sections. The entry tunnels come in at row 28. At that point, the rows get slightly steeper as you walk up.

Sections 111 and 122 are both great options when looking at baseline seating. The aisle is located down the center of the sections, so fans will have a clear, close view on one side of the basket. These sections are also very close to the floor and offer great views of the players when they are on your end of the court.  -

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