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Doak Campbell Stadium

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Sideline seating is formed by Sections 6-14 on the NE side of the stadium and Sections 29-37 on the opposite side of the field.

For fans in the lower number sections, they'll find themselves behind the visitor sideline on the sunny side of the field. In fact, the upper rows of Sections 4-14 just may be the sunniest seats in any college football venue in the country. Not surprisingly, many of these seats are reserved for students. The only place to escape is in rows 80-84 in sections 9-11. These seats are surprisingly covered by a shallow overhang and may be the best kept secret in the stadium.

The opposite side of the isn't exactly under an elm tree, either. The wide-open bowl of Doak Campbell Stadium provides little relief from the sun on either side of the stadium for noon kickoffs. No matter where you're seated, remember to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunblocks.

Now that you won't melt in the heat, you can focus on finding the best views of Seminole football. Along the sidelines, you'll want to focus on two things: having enough elevation to see the entire field and having a short walk to the section tunnel.

Tunnels are located near Rows 10 and 51, but many fans find that Row 10 is too close to the field and it's difficult to see end-to-end. Row 50, on the other hand, provides plenty of elevation and a superb wide-lens of the field. Go as low as row 35 to still get a great view and a short walk.


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