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Seating in the West stands is separated by a walkway at the section tunnel.

About These Seats

Sideline seating at the Cramton Bowl consists of all of reserved seating. The rest of the seats are general admission. These sections are home to some of the best seats in the stadium because they are the only views that are near midfield. Fans should look to avoid the first few rows of these sections because the players on the sideline may obstruct some of the view of the field.

Sections N to S are on the East side of the stadium - also known as the sunny side. Each of these sections include a tunnel entrance in the middle of the section near row 25.

On the West side of the stadium you'll find Sections A-G, along with the Press Box. These seats have the sun at their back when it is setting and Sections C-E will be the first to be shaded.

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