BB&T Field

BB&T Field Sideline Center Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Some of the best places to catch a game at BB&T Field are in the sideline sections. Seats in this location will provide close to midfield views creating comfortable viewing angles to the game.

If you are looking for chairback seating, this is the place to be. All seats in sections 4-7 on the West side have chairbacks. Individual seats are more scarce on the East side of the stadium in just a few select rows (X-LL) in sections 15 and 16.

Unlike many college football stadiums, the entry tunnels are in the middle of the section. To avoid having to walk up and down a lot of steps to get to the concourse look for seats near row EE.

The only visiting fan rows located along the sidelines are in sections 13-15. If rooting for the visiting team, look for tickets in rows GGG-OOO in these sections to avoid being caught between hometown fans.  -

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