Barclays Center

Barclays Center Lower Level Side


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Some of the best seats for Islanders hockey at the Barclays Center are located in lower level sections 6-10 and 22-26. All seats in these sections are located within 20 rows of the ice - offering you an opportunity to get up close and personal with your favorite players.

To sit behind the player benches, stick with seats on the low-number side where the Islanders bench will be in front of Section 7 and the visitors will be in front of Section 8 (the first row behind the bench in each of these sections is Row 3).

For a premium, all-inclusive experience at the Barclays Center, fans can sit in the Rinkside seats found near the very front of most Lower Level Side sections. These exclusive Rinkside amenities are available to fans in Rows 3-13 of Section 7, Rows 1-3 of Sections 8 & 24, Rows 1-5 of Section 25, and in the very front row (1) of Sections 9-10 and 22-23.

While the first few rows will enjoy upscale amenities and heart-pounding excitement close to the ice, fans will find the best views of the game from a slightly higher perspective. Many purist hockey fans would choose the top rows of Sections 7-8 and 24-25 over the lower rows for a better look of the action as it races side-to-side. These seats will also be closer to the lower concourse (restrooms and amenities) and are much cheaper than the lowest rows.

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