Barclays Center

"I couldn't see the artist and only a partial view of the screen"

Seat Review From Section 207, Row 22, Seats 1-2
Aug 2016


The seats were an insult to Ms. Streisand and to me. I bought the seats from Jumbo Tickets on May 18th, they were 254 dollars per seat and a 75 service charge for each of the 2 seats - ripoff doesn't even begin to describe the situation.

I did not enjoy the show. Barbra was truly brilliant, but there was a major problem with the sound system as there was an echo on every number and the dialogue was garbled as the bass was turned up to the max and was a muddy mess, it detracted from her beautiful voice.

The usher sent people to the wrong section and there was confusion. I am 74 years old and climbing dozens of stairs to get to my seat was not exactly fun. There were no programs, never heard of that before. I had a truly terrible time and feel really bad about the whole mess. I saw Barbra in her first show in 1962 and again the next year in funny girl, I own all of her albums. This concert was a disgrace and the fact that seats were available the day before the concert in the 8th row of the orchestra for 615 bucks is a mystery.

The high point of the night were the 2 Nathan's franks I ate before the show. I don't normally eat hot dogs but this was a special occasion so I indulged, fantastic. I almost had a third, but I resisted.

I walk away from this wondering if Barbra Streisand has any idea of how she was compromised and what the audience siting in seats that cost 325 bucks had to endure, just to see one of the greatest talents of all time. Was it worth it? It makes me so sad, but the answer is no.

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult

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