Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America Stadium Upper Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Like all locations in the upper level, ticketholders quickly find out that the lower the row, the better. In the endzones, it may be the difference between walking 25 steps and walking none.

The views from the lower rows are also decidedly better than at the top. The sitelines in the first few rows are comparable to the views from the suites located just below.

With large videoboards on each side of the field, fans in both endzones will have great head-on looks at replays and stats.  -

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    • "These were really good seats able to see the whole field"

      (Section 503) -
    • "Perfect View of the action you won't see on TV"

      (Section 505) -
    • "Perfect view of the action "

      (Section 505) - -

      I've sat just about everywhere in the stadium and I love these seats..yes your upper deck but this gives you the best view of the entire field and place to be for football fans who want the view tv can't offer.

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