Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America Stadium Lower Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

In all four corners of the field on the lowest level of Bank of America Stadium is the Lower Level Corner seating location. This location is very close to the field and is great for viewing scoring plays in the near endzone, but the lack of elevation makes it difficult to see the other side of the field. There are just 20 rows in each of these sections.

In between sections 106-107 is the home team tunnel and 136-137 is the visitor tunnel, so seats in these places give a good opportunity to get a close view of the players as they run onto the field.

You'll want to avoid corner sections 104-107 if you're sensitive to the sun. These seats are highly exposed and will be blinded come late afternoon.  -

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    • "GREAT SEATS!"

      (Section 117) - -

      Awesome seats, great view of everything on the field. Highly recommend these seats to anyone.

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