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Highest Rated Seating Areas

  • Main Floor Center - - Seats in the center of main floor at the Grand Ole Opry House put you as close as possible to the circle and are the best sea...
  • Main Floor Sides - - Typically side seating at a venue like the Grand Ole Opry House will lead to obstructed views, but that is not the case here....
  • Center Mezzanine and Balcony - - Sections 19-21 on the mezzanine level and sections 29-33 on the balcony level are centered to the stage on the Grand Ole Opry...
  • General Admission -
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Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Small Section" - - This is probably the smallest section at the Grand Ole Opry house. If you have a small group this i...
    Section 12, Row V
  • "Side Views" - - The great thing about the Opry stage is that it comes out far enough for these seats to be angled to...
    Section 24, Row BB
  • "Last Row" - - For being as high as it is this is still a great view to the stage. Can see the circle perfectly and...
    Section 26, Row M
  • "Just Perfect!" - - Front and center view that's super close! Worth the extra money for a fantastic experience.
    Section 4, Row F
  • "Grand Ole Opry - Mar 10, 2020" - - seats were center right-perfect distance from stage.
    Section 3, Row N   Verified Customer
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    Outside the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville.

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