Dean Smith Center Seating for North Carolina Basketball


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Visitor Seating

  • Visitor seating can be found in lower rows behind the visitor bench.

Student Seating

Student and band seating Dean Smith Center
Student seating is located in the upper part of section 107 and is located next to the band in sections 105 and 106.
Student Section at Dean Smith Center
Section 117 is full of students during North Carolina basketball games.
  • Student seating can be found in sections 107, 117, 211, 211A, and 212. These sections will be added to for some games.

North Carolina Bench & Visitor Bench

The home bench for the Tar Heels is in front of section 110.
The visitors bench is located in front of section 107. It is very close to the band and student seating.

North Carolina Bench - The North Carolina players sit in front of Section 110
Visitor Bench - The visiting team sits in front of Section 107

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor benches.

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Highest Rated Seating Areas

  • Lower Level Sideline - - Lower level sideline sections provide the best possible view of a North Carolina Tar Heels game. These are some of the most p...
  • Lower Level Corner - - Located in between the sideline and baseline sections, the lower level corners provide a unique perspective of a North Caroli...
  • Lower Level Baseline - - Located behind the baskets, the lower level baseline sections provide a similar view to the corners and sidelines on the 100 ...
  • Upper Level Sideline - - With an elevated, centered view of the court, the upper level sideline sections are some of our favorite locations in the sta...
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Seat Views

Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Nice lower level view, but be aware of the overhang" - - We really liked sitting in 118 - nice padded seats and 100 level view. The only comment I would have...
    Section 118, Row DD
  • "Front row on Mezzanine - Nice value - Great view!" - - These seats were a great value for location, price and they are padded! Seat 8 did have a little ob...
    Section 224, Row A, Seats 5-8
  • "People Walk in Front" - - You would think aisle seats are great. Not these. The section splits just a few rows in front of th...
    Section 219A, Row K, Seat 1
  • "Nice view in the corner" - - If you're okay with a corner level view, seats around 130 are definitely a good call. We enjoyed s...
    Section 130, Row Z, Seat 8
  • "Wow! Best seats in the house" - - If you can find some seats for sale in these middle sections at Dean Smith Center, it's absolutely w...
    Section 108, Row T
  • "Great Way to Watch a Game" - - Wow, these seats are fantastic! They are extra padded and comfortable. They are just rows away fro...
    Section 110, Row M, Seat 10
  • "No Score Available" - - This is the last row in the section. The video board blocks all the other videoboards so you can't ...
    Section 220, Row Y, Seat 8
  • "Great elevated view in the middle of the upper level!" - - Really enjoyed these seats - you really can't beat a sideline view at a basketball game, especially ...
    Section 224, Row D, Seat 8
  • "NO leg room" - - Lower level seats which is awesome but there are only 5 inches between knees and seats in front. Re...
    Section 115, Row U, Seats 3,4
  • "Can See Everything" - - Besides being along the sidelines this is where I would want to be. Perfect height with an angle to...
    Section 122, Row V, Seat 8
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    Other Photos From Dean Smith Center

    There is a massive videoboard in each corner of the Dean Smith Center. Most areas of the stadium have a clear view to at least one of these screens.