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Highest Rated Seating Areas

  • Dugout Box - - The Dugout Box seats at Camelback Ranch have arguably the best seats at the ballpark. The seats offer great sight lines and s...
  • All You Can Eat Patio - - The All You Can Eat Patio is located just above the Dodgers bullpen in left field. Fans seated in this area will get unlimite...
  • Outfield Box - - The Outfield Box sections are located right down both baselines at Camelback Ranch. These sections offer a great view of the ...
  • Infield Box - - The Infield Box sections make up the largest reserved seating area at Camelback Ranch. Each section has at least 19 rows of s...
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Other Photos From Camelback Ranch

The concourse at Camelback Ranch has several concession stands within it. Restrooms are located on the outer edges of the concourse.
For fans looking for shade or cover to escape the Arizona heat, the best bet is to look down the first base line. The sun will set behind you and as it gets later in the day, the amount of rows protected will increase.
The back rows on the first base side will be covered from any rain. However, due to the angle of the sun the overhang does not protect fans very well.
In the right field corner at Camelback Ranch is a bar and patio. Fans can hang out here before or during a game and enjoy craft beers with friends.
The first base side will see the most shade at Camelback Ranch.
Fans can stop by the the clubhouse store located behind home plate by the entrance to purchase gear for the upcoming season!