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Section 321 at Scotiabank Arena


Scotiabank Arena Section 321 View

Section 321 Seating Notes

  • For basketball games, we recommend rows 1-8 for great views of the court
  • For basketball games, desirable view from near center court
  • Views from near center ice for hockey games

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 321 are labeled 1-19
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 4
  • When looking towards the court/ice/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 321 Reviews

    Boxed In

    Oct 2013

    Hockey Review
    Section 321, Row 17, Seats 3-4

    These seats were center ice which was good. Could see a clear view of the whole arena. The only bad part was that the Gondola was above the seats. It's not that it blocked the view it just made me feel like we were BOXED in.. You couldn't see the retired leaf player banners that hang because it was blocked by the gondola.

    • 300 Level Center (Basketball)


      Also commonly known as the Balcony sections, these seats provide some of the best views from the upper seating tier at Scotiabank Arena. You won't be able to avoid the feeling of being high up in the arena, however the sideline positioning helps keep both baskets comfortably within sight allowing you to easily follow the action at either end of the court. Seating begins with Row 1 at the front, and ends with Row 19 at the very back. Entry tunnels are located just above Row 3, and with the walkway aisles being steep we recommend searching for tickets in Rows 8 and lower to secure the best views and easiest access. Section 320 is the closest option to the Raptors team bench, but from this height we prefer sitting at the opposite sideline (Sections 308-310) where you can watch the players faces on the team benches. 

    • 300 Level Center (Hockey)


      Some of the best upper level seating in the National Hockey League is located in sections 308-310 and 320-322 for a Leafs game. With just a single lower bowl of seating a small ring of suites, the front rows of the 300 level are incredibly close to the ice surface. While the best seats in these sections are undeniably at the front, fans will find that the experience suffers rather quickly as you move into double-digit rows (10 and above). Fans in the top rows have the longest walks up and down the stairs and the Gondola Boxes above sections 320-322 create a claustrophobic experience for some. The high rows shouldn't avoided completely, but fans with mobility issues or fans who simply don't want to deal with a steep set of stairs should instead aim for lower rows in corner sections where prices are usually comparable. 

    • Upper Level Side (Concert)


      You won't find a better upper level view for a traditional end stage performance than those found in sections 310 and 320. Close to the stage without having an extreme side angle view, and at a fraction of the price of a lower level ticket, these seats are a good find for those on a tighter budget for an end stage layout. Seats in sections 311 and 319 might get you a little bit closer to your favorite performer on an end stage, but be aware that most views here look straight away at the side of the stage, and have limited view of the front of the performance. Whenever possible, avoid being too far behind the front of the stage by choosing the lowest numbered seats in section 311, or the highest numbered seats in section 319. Most upper level side sections have 19 numbered rows of seating, and as the entry tunnels are located just above row 3, you will want to find yourself in rows 1-6 for the best combination of view and easy access. 

    • For Basketball - Recommended For Great Views of the Court


      Great view from the front of the upper level. The elevation makes the whole court very easy to see. Easy to get to the concourse, makes for quick trips and missing less of the game

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