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Section 107 at Scotiabank Arena


Scotiabank Arena Section 107 View

Section 107 Seating Notes

  • For basketball games, we recommend rows 15-20 for great views of the court

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 107 are labeled 1-28
  • Entrances to this section are located at Rows 3 and 20
  • When looking towards the court/ice/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 107 Reviews

    Decent seats for a concert

    Jun 2023

    Concert Review
    Section 107, Row 1, Seat 5

    You can see performers but sill used the screens a lot as it is a little far from the stage. Front row off the floor so nobody sitting in front of you and no phones right in front of your face. Padded seat and lots of leg room.

    Great Seats and View!

    Aug 2017

    Concert Review
    Section 107, Row 6, Seats 10

    Great seats with a super view of stage. Seat 10 is the last in the row, so once you are in no one needs to get you up to pass by!

    Great seats and view

    Feb 2016

    Basketball Review
    Section 107, Row 2, Seat 15

    Seats well placed to see the action at the net on the right side of the court.

    • 100 Level Center (Basketball)


      Traditional sideline views and lower level location make the Lower Level Center sections some of the most sought after for watching a basketball game at Scotiabank Arena. Unlike the other areas on the lower tier, these centrally located sections have separate entry tunnels for the lower seating rows (found at Row 3) in addition to the primary entry tunnels at Row 20. Fans closer to the court will therefore have much easier trips to and from the seats compared to the options in the corners or behind the baskets. Sections 108 and 109 put you right at midcourt for the best views of both ends of the floor, however some Raptors fans might prefer the lower rows of Section 118 which is directly behind the team bench. Our favorite combination of view, comfort, and value is found in Rows 15-20 of Sections 107-109. Being further from the floor not only helps keep ticket prices more reasonable, but also provides an excellent viewing height for watching the game and incredibly easy access to and from the concourse. From these seats you'll also have a head on view of the team benches, as opposed to the opposite side of the court where you can only see the backs of the team as they sit on the bench. 

    • 100 Level Center (Hockey)


      Sections 107-109 and 118-120 are often considered the best seats for a Maple Leafs game. These sections offer a center ice view in the lowest seating tier and typically command top dollars. Some of the most popular seats in these sections include those behind the player benches in Sections 118-120 and behind the penalty boxes in 108. Fans in row 3 in these sections will have up-close interactions with the players as they come on and off the ice and enter/exit the penalty box. But you don't have to be seated near the box or benches - or even near the glass - to have great seats in these sections. In fact, many fans consider rows 15-25 the ideal height for watching hockey. Seats in these rows can see over the glass easily and you can see each end of the ice without continuously turning your head. 

    • Lower Level Side (Concert)


      With excellent proximity, good viewing height, and clear lines of sight to the center of the stage, lower side sections 109 and 118 offer some of the best non-floor seating options during a traditional end stage performance at Air Canada Centre. In section 109 the higher numbered seats are the way to go if you want to be closer to the stage, while in section 118 you will be closer when sitting in the lower numbered seats. Sections 108 and 119 are also very good options for an end stage configuration, but are the very best when the performance features a main stage setup in the middle of the floor. If you don't mind a side angle view, sections 110 and 117 can get you close to the end stage but you will want to avoid the higher numbered seats in section 110 and the lower numbered seats in section 117 as these will have the most difficult views. Most lower level side sections have 28 numbered rows of seats in a traditional layout, with concourse entry tunnels located just above row 19. For a good viewing height and easy access to and from the seats, consider seats in rows 15-19. 

    • For Basketball - Recommended For Great Views of the Court


      Excellent sight lines from near mid court on the lower level. Good seating height for following all the action and head on views of the team benches. Close to the entry tunnels for quick and easy seat access

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