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Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 106 are labeled 2-28
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 20
  • When looking towards the court/ice/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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    Feb 2014

    Basketball Review
    Section 106

    • 100 Level Corner (Basketball)


      With large lower level sections, seats in the corners of Scotiabank Arena will have a different feel depending on which row you find yourself seated in. Most sections extend all the way towards the floor, although stadium tunnels create further set back seating in Sections 101, 105, 111, and 116. Sections 115 and 117 are great options for Raptors fans as it will keep you close to the team bench, as well as the entry tunnel where the Raptors enter and exit the court (Rows 8 and lower will ensure you aren't above the tunnel).  Entry tunnels between the sections and concourse are located closer to the top of the sections (near Row 20), which can leave a long walk to the seats for fans sitting closer to the floor. Seats above the tunnel feel far for a lower level ticket, so we recommend searching in Rows 10-20 for the best combination of seating height, view, and access to the concourse. 

    • 100 Level Corner (Hockey)


      While seats near center ice attract the most attention and the highest ticket price, corner seats are typically found to contain the best deals among lower level seats. If you're considering a low row in a corner section, it's tough to beat Row 1 at Scotiabank Arena. These rows are up against the glass and you'll be just a few inches away from the most intense board battles. In higher rows you'll find great sightlines towards center ice which allow you to see both ends of the ice comfortably. In these higher rows, we recommend choosing seats close to row 16 where you'll be able to see over the glass and be just a few steps away from the concourse tunnel. 

    • Lower Level Corner (Concert)


      Corner sections are among the cheapest lower level seats for a typical end stage concert at Scotiabank Arena due to their distance from the stage.  Though they are far away from the stage, the view from sections 105 and 122 looks comfortably at the stage. Avoid Row 30 in Sections 105 and 122 as some of the seats in these rows are obstructed by the adjacent suites.  

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