Scotiabank Arena

Section 102 at Scotiabank Arena


Scotiabank Arena Section 102 View

Section 102 Seating Notes

  • Head-on view of the performance for end-stage concerts

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 102 are labeled B-H, 1-32
  • For hockey games, row 5 is usually the first row
  • Row 5 is usually the first row for concerts
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 20
  • When looking towards the court/ice/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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    Section 102 Row 4 Seat 9

    Apr 2012

    Basketball Review
    Section 102, Row 4, Seat 9

    • 100 Level Baseline (Basketball)


      The most notable aspect of the lower level baseline options is how large these sections are. With lettered rows B through H at the front, and numbered rows 1 through 28 just above, each section has a total of 35 seating rows making it important to be aware of the entry tunnel locations. Tickets in the lettered rows will keep fans closer to the court, however with the entry tunnel being just above Row 20, these seats will have long walks to get between the seats and the concourse. This could mean more time taking trips to the restrooms or to grab concessions, and less time in the seats watching the game. When possible, you'll want to avoid the lower numbered seats in Sections 103 and 114 as well as the higher numbered seats in Sections 102 and 113. These seats would have you closer to the middle of the baskets where the overall views are more limited due to the basket support structure. The seating rows near the front can be shallow (poor elevation over the fans in front), so shorter fans will prefer the higher rows where the elevation improves as you get closer to the back. 

    • 100 Level End (Hockey)


      Sections 102-103 and 113-114 are directly behind the nets at the Scotiabank Arena. The first row in each of these sections is Row 5 and sitting in that row will give you the experience of being a goal judge as you'll be one of the first ones to know if a goal is scored. To take this experience to another level, sit on the west side in 113 or 114 to be on the side where the Leafs shoot twice. If tickets in the first few rows are too expensive or if you want a better overall view, aim for seats near Row 20. They're closer to the ice than you think and they're usually available at a fraction of the price of the lowest rows. Additionally, you'll have the advantage of being close to the section tunnel and of being able to see over the glass and its partitions. 

    • Lower Level End (Concert)


      Sections 102 and 103 are head-on to the stage in the lower level, making them comfortable options for fans who do not want to twist their body to see the stage. Though they are among the most comfortable seats in the lower level, the last few rows are as far away from the stage as you can get in the lower level.  The mix booth is located directly in front of these sections and behind the Center Floor section. If you want to avoid a long walk up or down the stairs, sit close to Row 21 -- where the concourse tunnel is located. 

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