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Best Seats at Ruoff Music Center

Ruoff Music Center Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Dream Seats - The Dream Seats at Ruoff Music Center are a single row of seats in Section B that provide an upscale experience. Row V - the last row in Section ...
  • VIP Box Seats - VIP Box Seats at Ruoff Music Center provide ticketholders with some of the best views in the amphitheater Their near-center positioning and excellent ...

Deck Tickets Seating

  • Deck Tickets Seating - Ruoff Music Center has two deck sections that are located at the back of the reserved seating area. These Deck sections are labeled H and D.  The...

Lawn Seats

ruoff music centerlawn
  • Lawn Seats - Enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere with room to spread out when you take in a performance from the Lawn at Ruoff Music Center. The views are behind the...

Lower Pavilion Seating

section a, row gg seat view  - ruoff music center
  • Lower Pavilion Seating - Lower Pavilion sections at Ruoff Music Center are some of the best seats in the venue. A ticket in this area guarantees you a covered seat within 30 r...

Pit Section

pit seat view  - ruoff music center
  • Pit Section - The Pit Section at Ruoff Music Center is the best way to get close to the stage. The front of this area is right up against the stage and guests who a...

Upper Pavilion Seating

section f, row r seat view  - ruoff music center
  • Upper Pavilion Seating - If you're looking for a reserved seat at an affordable price, the Upper Pavilion sections at Ruoff Music Center are the way to go. The views are furt...

Shaded & Covered Seating

More than half of all seats at Ruoff Music Center offer some type of shade or cover. Below is a sample of seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at different times of the day. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

  • Seats in Pit are covered
  • Seats in Section C are covered
  • Seats in VIP Box Seats are covered
  • Rows WC1 - Z in Section D are covered

Ruoff Music Center Seat Views

Ruoff Music Center Seating Reviews

  • "The seats were in a good place to the stage and I was enjoying the concert until...." - - I enjoyed the concert and seat location, until the people in the rows ahead of me "joined us". The ...
    Section G, Row E, Seats 14-15
  • "See "Behind the Scenes"!" - - These seats were so cool. It is the first row behind the mix and sound for the artists. We could see...
    Section F, Row F, Seats 13-15
  • "Great View" - - These were some of the best seats I've had at this amphitheater. The stage is open in the front so e...
    Section A, Row Y, Seat 25
  • "Only Good Thing Is It's Reserved " - - There are maybe 3 rows in the pavilion that aren't covered and these are one of them. The lawn star...
    Section E, Row BB
  • "Tucked Away" - - We were seated next to the deck so there was nobody to our left. There is a small aisle for the last...
    Section D, Row Y, Seat 26
  • "Many Poles" - - The lawn views can vary obviously, but I was surprised at the amount of poles that block the view to...
    Lawn, Row GA
  • "Super Comfortable " - - These seats were way more padded than the rest of the rest of the venue. The section is perfectly ce...
    Section B, Row V
  • "Fall Out Boy - Jul 16, 2023" - - Great seats! So close to the stage. My only complaint is that one of my seats was a folding chair pu...
    Section C, Row N   Verified Customer
  • "Ok" -
    Section B, Row S, Seat 19
  • Lawn
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