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Raymond James Stadium 200 Level

Features & Amenities

The 200 Level at Raymond James Stadium is split up into sideline and corner seating. Sections along the side are part of the Stadium Club and have access to an indoor area and upscale seating.

Best Corner Seats on the 200 Level

For football games, sections 216-220 are some of the most desirable seats in the stadium. They aren't particularly close to the field and don't have a desirable sideline view. What they do have; however, is the best chance of being in the shade.

These sections in the southwest corner of the stadium are usually the first seats to be shaded. While the rest of the stadium bakes in the hot Tampa sun, these sections are usually much cooler and more comfortable.

Sections 216-220 are usually not open for concerts. Instead, choose another section on this side of the field for your best chance of being out of the sun.

Rows and Seat Numbers

Most 200 Level sections have 30 rows of seats with row A at the front. Entrances to corner sections are found near the first row, while club access in sideline sections is at the top.

Most rows have 22-24 seats with seat 1 on the left as you look towards the field.

Other Seating On/Near the 200 Level

The following areas are also on/near the 200 Level:

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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