TCF Bank Stadium

What seats can't see the videoboard at TCF Bank Stadium?

Jan 2016

Answered by staff...

TCF Bank Stadium features a main videoboard on the west side of the stadium above sections 150 and 151. In addition to video and replays, the board also serves as the main scoreboard for Gophers and Vikings games.

Main Scoreboard

tcf bank stadium main scoreboard
The best views of the scoreboard (and the city) are in upper level sections 223-231

Given its location above the main seating bowl, fans seated in some sections will not be able to see the scoreboard at all - or without completely turning around. If seeing the board is a must, avoid seats in sections 101, 103, 146-152 and 201-205.

Auxiliary Scoreboard

tcf bank stadium auxiliary scoreboard
The auxiliary board above sections 230 and 231

An Auxiliary scoreboard does exist on the east side of the stadium above sections 230 and 231. Though tiny, it does provide basic information to those fans seated in the sections that can not see the main scoreboard.

Asked January 13, 2016

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