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  • I am trying to choose between Section 6A Row 28 Seat 21 and Section 8A Row 34 Seat 20.
    Asked 3 years ago
  • Curious if there is any equipment that will block the view?
    Asked 3 years ago
  • We have seats 15-18.
    Asked 3 years ago
  • Are seats Floor 2, row 12, seats 1-2 next to the long stage?
    Or are they farther from the middle for the AC/DC concert?
    Asked 2 years ago

    For the 2016 AC/DC concert a catwalk and B-stage extend into floor sections 2 and 3. According to the most recent seating charts - within these sections - seat 1 is located closest to the center of the floor and to the long stage.

    In all other floor sections seat 1 is always located on the right aisle as you face the stage.

  • How are seats in section 1a?
    Asked 2 years ago

    Sections 1A-3A are among the cheapest way to get floor seats at the Tacoma Dome. Although these sections are pushed back from the stage, they provide a comfortable head-on view to the stage. These sections won't have the same energy as traditional floor seating, but they're also a fraction of the price.

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