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What are the best lower level seats at NRG Stadium?

Jan 2017

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Most lower level sections at NRG Stadium are accurately priced in that you get what you pay for. Unlike a lot of older stadiums where seats inside the 20 have a terrible angle towards most of the field - even the lower rows of these sections will have semi-comfortable views to a majority of the action. As a result, choosing seats in these locations is generally a matter of budget and balancing your preference for convenience, experience or outstanding view.

Best Seats for Convenience

From a convenience standpoint, the last row in every section 101-140 is located at the level of the concourse. In most rows, this row is labeled JJ. Exceptions include accessible seating sections where the last row of common seating is FF and a wheelchair accessible landing replaces rows GG-JJ. To feel as if you're not "walking a mile" up and down the stairs, first consider all double-letter rows (AA-JJ).

Enjoying a Memorable Experience

If you're most interested in an unbelievable experience, you may prefer the lowest row possible. Just keep in mind that every seat in rows A-J of sections 102-111 and 122-131 will deal with some level of obstruction by the players on the sideline.

The Texans sit on the west sideline, making these an obvious first choice among Houston fans. For a less expensive gameday experience, consider sections 112-113 near the Texans tunnel (or 132-133 if you're a visiting fan). From there you'll have unprecedented views of the players as they run on and off the field before the game, during introductions, at halftime and at the end of the game.

texans field seats
Field Seats are a top choice for a once-in-a-lifetime experience

If budget is not a concern, the Field Seats offer fans an opportunity to sit directly at field level. This experience comes with additional perks, including standing on the field before the game and exclusive amenities. However, with the players and sideline staff so close, it will be impossible to see much of the game.

endzone seats nrg stadium
The first ten rows behind the goalposts are as close to the field as you can get

Another popular spot among experience-seekers are the first 10 rows behind the goalposts. While the posts occasionally get in the way, these are the absolute closest seats to the field and offer a video-game-like view. Just keep in mind that fans in these sections stand for a majority of Texans games.

Getting the Best View

Finally, for the purist football fan who simply wants to watch the game and have the best overall view, there are two considerations. First, the obvious choice is sitting at midfield. When seeking out the best views, look no further than rows S-Z and AA-EE. These seats are 20-30 rows from the field, aren't under the overhang and are an ideal alternative to the often-more-expensive lower rows. For an even cheaper option, do consider double-letter rows in all lower corner sections. Comfortable elevated sitelines and some of the lowest price tags in the lower level make these some of the most under-rated seats in the stadium.

sections 125-128, rows aa-jj
Elevated rows in sections 125-128 are among the best overall seats at NRG Stadium

Altogether, the best combination of convenience, view and affordability at NRG Stadium is in sections 104-109 and 124-129. Specifically, double-letter rows (AA-JJ) in these sections are our top pick for the best all-around seats in the lower level.

Asked January 20, 2017

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