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Is 220 in the shade for a 1:00 game at the Oakland Coliseum?

Jun 2015

Answered by Keith at RateYourSeats.com...

A limited number of seats in the 200 level at the Coliseum are covered and shaded during day games. Specifically, rows 12 and above in the infield bowl are covered. To find shade for an afternoon game, you'll want to sit even further back in Rows 15-18 and above and you'll want to completely avoid the first base side of the field.

Coliseum shaded seats photo
For a 1:00 game, only the highest rows of the 100 and 200 levels are shaded

Since Section 220 is on the third base side of the field, it will receive shade in its highest rows for a 1:00 game on the first day of summer. To learn more about covered seating in the 200 level, please see What rows in the 200 Level at Oakland Coliseum are covered?

Asked June 16, 2015 for Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on Jun 21, 2015

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