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How are the seats arranged on the floor at MTS Centre?

Wondering where Row 3 Seats 1-3 will be located.

Feb 2014

Answered by staff...

In a traditional end stage setup at MTS Centre, most rows in the floor section will have up to 42 seats, with Seat 1 always at the right side as you face the stage, and the higher number seats at the left. For the best center stage views, you will want to have seats 19-24 which keep you right in the middle.

As for Seat 1 in Row 3, this seat will be just 3 rows from the stage for great proximity to the action, and will have you on the right aisle for easy in and out access. However, as you are on the aisle at the far right, these seats will not have the best head on views of the performance.

Seat number progression on the floor at MTS Centre
With up to 42 seats in each row, Seats 19-24 are right in the middle of the Floor seating section

Asked February 03, 2014 for Bruno Mars on Aug 2, 2014

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