MGM Grand Garden Arena

How is the view from Section 15 Row Q Seat 8 at MGM Grand Garden Arena?

Curious whether this will be a good option for a concert.

Jul 2014

Answered by Steve at

For a traditional end stage configuration, the view from Section 15 Row Q will be very good thanks to close proximity to the stage without without being too far forward leaving an extreme side angle view.

There are a total of 22 seating rows in the section, running from Row A at the front, and ending at Row X in the back. Row Q is the 8th row from the top of the section, which will give you a good viewing height above the level of the elevated stage. Row Q has a total of 17 seats (with seat 1 being on the right side of the row a you face the floor), so unfortunately seats 8-9 will be in the middle of the row making it a bit more difficult to get to and from the seats.

As you are set far enough back from the front of the stage, you should be able to see all the performers head on, but it may require you to be turning your head to the left for most of the show.

Pictured Above: Section 15, Row Q, Seat 8 at MGM Grand Garden Arena

Asked July 06, 2014 for Justin Timberlake on Aug 8, 2014

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