In a traditional end stage configuration, Section 224 will be one of the better seating options on the 200 level for a concert at Madison Square Garden. The views will be further and higher up from the second seating tier, but section 224 will have you in a good area to see the front of the performers without being too far away (some sections closer to the stage on the 200 level will have a more extreme side angle view).

There are a total of 20 rows in the section, running from row 3 in the front to row 22 in the back, so we recommend looking for seats in the first 5 rows for the best views in the section (Rows 3-7).

View from Section 224 Row 8 at Madison Square Garden
Section 224 keeps you close to the stage on the second seating tier, without having an extreme side angle view (Photo taken from Section 224 Row 8)