For the football purists, Section 439 could be a better option as it provides a very good viewing angle from near mid field, with a elevated perspective which allows fans to analyze and enjoy the X's and O's of the game. However Section 439 is also on the highest seating tier of the stadium, which provides a less-desirable seating position far from the field, and a more aerial view.

Conversely, Section 106 will get you much closer to the field and provides more excitement due to the superior proximity to the players. Depending on which seating rows you are interested in, Section 106 might also have a slight advantage for access to concessions and restrooms in the concourse as there are a total of 18 seating rows to navigate, while Section 439 is noticeably larger with 29 total rows of seating.

So if your preference is to break down the strategy of the game and get a good feel for the offensive and defensive schemes, we would recommend Section 439. However, if you usually prefer to be as close to the action as possible with easier and shorter trips to and from the concourse, Section 106 will be the better option.

View from Section 439
View from Section 106