Camp Randall Stadium

Is it best to sit on the west or east side of Camp Randall Stadium?

And which are the optimal rows to consider?  Thank You.

Jun 2013

Answered by staff...

For the lower seating bowl, there will not be a significant difference in terms of views when you compare the east and the west sidelines. Some of the most notable attributes to consider is the location of the team benches (visitors are behind the east sideline while the Badgers are behind the west sideline), as well as the availability of coverage and exposure to the sun.

Seats on the west sideline will see less sun as the afternoon approaches, which make them a better choice for early season games when the weather in Madison can still be pretty warm. However during the later games in the season when the weather turns colder, the east sideline can be a good place to sit as you will have more time facing the sun helping to stay warmer. The west sideline also has the unique advantage of covered seating in the last few rows of Sections B-H, which will keep you protected from the weather.

For the best experience on the lower seating tier, we recommend searching for tickets near Rows 40-50, which will keep you no more than a 5 row walk from the entry tunnel. This allows for quicker trips to and from the concourse, and these seats will also have excellent seating height to see all areas of the field.

View from Section X Row 30 at Camp Randall Stadium
The west sideline (pictured in the far sideline above) will see more shade and also has some covered seating near the top of the lower level sections.

Asked June 23, 2013 for BYU Cougars at Wisconsin Badgers on Nov 10, 2013

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