Bridgestone Arena

What's better for a concert at Bridgestone - Sec 301 Row A or 328 Row E?

I haven't sat in the 300 level of this arena for a concert before and was wondering it it was better to be slightly closer to the stage in 328 or better to have a more direct line of sight to the stage in 301 despite being further away.
Dec 2013

Answered by staff...

Choose the Head-On View in 301

Section 301 Seat View
Section 301 (as seen from Row E) provides a more comfortable view of the stage than Upper Level Corner sections like 328

Section 301, Row A will be the better buy. If the alternative was Section 324 or 325 -- where you are a lot closer to the stage than 301 -- you would probably want to consider those. But you will not be able to notice a difference, in terms of proximity, in 328 vs. 301. Being in the first row with quick access to the concourse plus a very comfortable head-on view is the better choice.

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