Bridgestone Arena

How are floor seats numbered for concerts at Bridgestone Arena?

Are they from left to right facing the stage or right to left? We want to buy Section 1 or 3 tickets for John Mayer but want tickets closest to the center.

Oct 2013

Answered by staff...

Seat 1 is On the Right as You Look Towards the Stage

Floor Seat Numbers
Typical numbering for floor seating at Bridgestone Arena concerts

Floor seating at the Bridgestone Arena has seat 1 as the furthest seat to the right as you face the stage from the section.

Seats 11-12 in floor section 1 will be closest to center stage in the section and just across the aisle from section 2.

In section 3, seats 1-2 will be closest to the center of the stage and just across the aisle from section 2.

Asked October 11, 2013 for John Mayer on Dec 4, 2013

Interactive Seating Chart


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