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Is Section 1B at Meadowbrook a raised section or are you even with the stage?

My daughter is only 8 and often times she cannot see on floor seating.

Jul 2015

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Front Pavilion sections at Meadowbrook are actually below the stage and only rise slightly as you move further away. This can cause issues for smaller fans (as you mentioned) - especially when others are standing.

Pavilion 1 Seating
Looking from the stage, Pavilion sections 1A-1C are at the front and are below the platform

Photo adapted from Foursquare user Jack B.

The R5 concert has a unique setup where there is no standing Pit and Pavilion sections 1A-1C extend all the way to the stage with Row 1 right up against the stage. Thus, buying tickets in Row 1 will alleviate concerns with seeing around taller fans. If these tickets are out of your price range, keep in mind this particular show is aimed at a younger crowd, so you should expect a fair number of other smaller children who your daughter should be able to see over.

Other seats with more rise are found in Pavilion 3 (sections 3A-3E), though these are much farther away from the stage.

Asked July 13, 2015 for R5 & Jacob Whitesides on Jul 16, 2015

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