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  • Where is the handicaped seats at for a person in a wheelchair?
    Also, where would we park and how much does it cost?
    Asked 2 years ago

    Wheelchair accessible seating is located on the floor level, at both the north and south ends of Allen Fieldhouse. There is a dedicated drop off area for fans requiring accessible seats which can be found at the south end of the arena, and handicap parking is available on a first come first serve basis for $25. Parking lots with handicap designated spots include Lot 54 to the north (just off of Irving Hill Road), as well as Lot 71 to the south (off of Schwegler Drive).

    To inquire about wheelchair accessible tickets, wheelchair escorts, and other accessible seating needs for a specific event, we recommend contacting the Kansas Athletics Facilities department at (785) 864-4210, or via email at

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