Ak-Chin Pavilion

Why are tickets in Sections 201/202 less than the other 200 sections?

Are there view obstructions and that is why? Also, what are the Party Decks in those sections? Thank you for your time.

Jul 2016

Answered by Keith at RateYourSeats.com...

There are no explicit obstructions that limit the views from sections 201 or 205. However, their position on the edge of the seating bowl provides angles to the stage that are less desirable than the angles from head-on sections. As a result, tickets in sections 202-204 tend to be more in demand and have a higher price tag.

View from Section 201

The party deck areas are a separate ticketed area. Tickets for these areas are typically not available to the public on a recurring basis.

Asked July 15, 2016 for Slipknot with Marilyn Manson on Aug 20, 2016

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