From Section 111 you will be looking from behind stage right to the front of the stage, and therefore the majority of the views will be of the backs of the performers (you will not be able to see the faces of the performers for the majority of the show). The stage will be set up between sections 110 and 117, so while that does keep you close to the stage in section 111, the views will not be ideal from behind the front of the stage.

Section 111 Seat Map
For end-stage shows at AAC, Section 111 is close to the stage - but also behind the performance

Consider Side Sections as an Alternative

If exchanging your tickets is an option for you, we recommend search for seats in sections 118-120, and 107-109, as these will still keep you close to all the excitement, however will also provide a much better view of the performers and the stage from a face to face perspective.