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Q2 Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Austin Telco Terrace - On the Q2 Stadium seating chart, Sections 309-317 make up the Austin Telco Terrace. This group of sections is elevated above Lexus Club Seats and offe...
  • Captain Morgan Club (Austin FC Games) - Most premium seating at Q2 Stadium is located on the shadier side of the field. But for those looking for an upscale experience in the sun, the Captai...
  • Field Seats - The Field Seats at Q2 Stadium are widely considered the best seats for an Austin FC soccer match. Each seat is located within five rows of the field o...
  • Lexus Club - Sections 109-117 make up the Lexus Club Seats on the west side of Q2 Stadium. The first row in each of these sections is labeled row 8, and all seats ...

Austin FC Bench & Visitor Bench

Austin FC Bench - The Austin FC sideline is in front of Fieldside 5

Visitor Bench - The visiting team sideline is in front of Fieldside 6

East Terrace Seating

  • East Terrace Seating - Sections 228-236 at Q2 Stadium make up the East Terrace seats. These are among the most affordable Austin FC tickets and offer great value if you know...

Lower Level Seating

  • Lower Level Seating - Lower Level seats at Q2 Stadium offer the best chance to get close to the pitch and see the action from up close. All 100 Level seats are within 25 ro...

Standing Room Only

  • Standing Room Only - Standing Room Only tickets at Q2 Stadium are usually available for the biggest soccer matches. This includes Austin FC playoffs and international matc...

Supporters Section

austin fc supporters section
  • Supporters Section - If you're a rabid fan of Austin FC, the best seats at Q2 Stadium are going to be in sections 101-105 on the south end of the stadium. These are the pr...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Premium Terrace seats are well protected from the elements by the roof.
  • Which sections are in the shade at Q2 Stadium?

    Built to withstand the heat, Q2 Stadium was built to help keep fans cool. Most seats at the stadium are under the uniquely shaped roof. While this cover won't necessarily keep you shaded (or even dry on a rainy day), it provides shade in a number of seating areas and non-seating areas.

    In general, the best place for shade at Q2 Stadium is the west sideline. This includes sections 309-317 in the upper level and club and fieldside seats in the lower level. The sun sets behind these seats which leaves them shaded before the rest of the stadium. A middle section in these areas will get you a better view and also ensure that the sun doesn't creep in from the corner of the stadium.

    The east sideline is just as well covered as the west side. At mid-day when the sun is over-head, both sides have equitable shade. But as the sun starts setting in the south and west sides, the east sideline is susceptible to the sun - especially sections 233-236 and 133-137.

Q2 Stadium Seat Views

Q2 Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "CONCACAF Champions League - Violette AC at Austin FC - Mar 14, 2023" - - Excellent view, excellent placement. Only caveat is that this is near the middle of a row.
    Section 123, Row 15   Verified Customer
  • "dumbest seats ever" - - All of section 101 is standing. Worst part is seats exists but they are locked.
    Section 101
  • "FC Dallas at Austin FC - Mar 30, 2024" - - Amazing seats, so much action, right on the field!
    Section 121, Row 2   Verified Customer
  • Section 133, Row 5   Verified Customer
  • Venue & Seating Questions

    • How many rows in each section at Q2 Stadium?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.

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