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Progressive Field Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Club Seats - Some of the finest seats for a Guardians game are those located in Club sections 326-348 on the first base side of the field. These Club Seats allow a...
  • Dugout Suites - The Dugout Suites at Progressive Field are literally dug out of the ground and put fans at field level between the dugouts. The Suites offer full amen...

Guardians Ticket Information

2023 Guardians tickets

The 2023 Guardians tickets guide includes the season schedule, ticket price information and the best options for buying tickets.

Bleachers Seating

bleacher seats progressive field
  • Bleachers Seating - The Left Field Bleachers at Progressive Field are among the most iconic seats in all of baseball. Located in a Grandstand above the high left-field wa...

Corner Drink Rails Seating

corner bar and patio
  • Corner Drink Rails Seating - The Corner is part of the Right Field District at Progressive Field. This is one of the most popular spots for socializing before and during a Guardia...

Guardians Dugout & Visitor Dugout

guardians dugout at progressive field
The Guardians dugout is located on the third base side of the field.
guardians dugout sections
Looking towards the Guardians dugout on the third base side of the field.

Guardians Dugout - The Guardians players sit in front of Section 160, Section 162, Section 163 and Section 164

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 140, Section 142, Section 144 and Section 146

Standing Room Only

guardians sro spaces
  • Standing Room Only - Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets at Progressive Field give fans access to the ballpark without having a reserved section. These are typically the chea...

Shaded & Covered Seating

The Club Seats overhang sections on the first base side of the field. Rows X and higher are under the overhang in sections 128-148.

Third Base Side of Field Gets Shade First

Home plate at Progressive Field faces slightly Northeast, which means that seats on the third base side of the field will see shade first during late afternoon and evening games -- especially seats further down the 3B line (162-172). Right Field seats will see the sun the longest. In particular, sections 303-317 and 504-514 will be exposed until the sun sets completely under the stadium. The Upper Level overhang is little match during afternoon games, but it does help protect fans during the late afternoon and evening.

Progressive Field Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

For the best views of a ballgame at Progressive Field, your best options will be found in select areas of the lower 100 Level as well as the 300 Club Level. Among our favorites are near the Guardians dugout in sections 165-167. Seats here are close to the action, while having good lines of sight which do not get impeded by the protective netting. Along the first baseline (close to the visitors dugout), sections 136-138 offer a similar experience, but these seats will see more sun during day games. Therefore, we recommend the double lettered rows on this side of the field which have better overhead protection and shade potential, helping to keep you in your seat watching the game.

Other good views on the lower 100 level can be found in the double lettered rows of sections 150-154, which have more of a behind home plate view. You'll be in excellent position for picking up the ball right off the pitchers hand, and impressive views of the batters box and on deck circles. These double lettered seats are higher in the sections, helping to limit the distraction of the netting while providing a good seating height with expansive viewing range.

Although not terribly close to the infield, sections near the outfield corners (117 in right, 178-179 in left) are a more affordable and unique option for watching a Guardians baseball game. The beauty of these sections is the excellent angling of the seats which has you almost perfectly aligned with the heart of the infield diamond. Views of the near corners may be difficult in some seats, but overall you get a nice perspective for the majority of the game. Be sure to not go higher than row V where the views get more difficult, and fans in right should be prepared for a healthy dose of sun during day games at Progressive.

The 300 level along the first baseline is where you will find Club seating for a Guardians game, but aside from offering a premium experience these seats are also a very good choice for avid watchers of America's pastime. Opt for seats in the first 7 rows (A through G) of sections 334-344 and you will be treated to excellent lines of sight to the infield while avoiding the difficult views of down the right field line which can occur in seats higher up in the sections. A large railing in front of section 348 impedes some viewing angles for fans sitting in sections 348 and 346, so we would avoid these two options when possible.

Unfortunately due to the steep seating incline and aerial views in the upper deck, it is difficult to recommend seats in the 400 or 500 levels of the main seating bowl for watching a baseball game. Outfield seats on the lower tier face nicely towards the infield, but if sitting in left you will be higher up with no view to the videoboard, while those in right will have the sun in their eyes as day games reach the afternoon hours.

Sections Section 164, Section 165 and Section 167

  • Beyond the protective netting for clear views to home plate
  • Excellent proximity to the infield and Guardians dugout
  • Good seating angle facing towards the heart of the diamond

Rows AA-HH in Sections Section 136, Section 138 and Section 140

  • Prime lower level views without being behind the netting
  • Good seating height and angle to the infield
  • Near the top of sections where overhead coverage is more plentiful

Rows A-V in Sections Section 117, Section 178 and Section 179

  • Seats face the middle of the infield
  • Comfortable natural sight lines with minimal head turning
  • More affordable option on the lower seating tier

Sections Section 150, Section 151, Section 152 and Section 153

  • Scout style viewing position from behind home plate
  • Higher in the section where netting becomes less of a distraction
  • Near straight away perspective to the infield and impressive videoboard

Sections Section 334, Section 336, Section 338 and Section 340

  • Good seating angle to the infield
  • Front rows provide clearer views down the right field line
  • Viewing angles into the Guardians dugout and to the left field videoboard

Best Seats for Impressing a Guest

You can't go wrong with finding an impressive seat at Progressive Field when opting for the exclusive club level sections. Found only along the first baseline in sections 326-348, fans here have the distinct pleasure of the only non-suite views on the second tier of the ballpark, and excellent head on sight lines to the massive left field videoboard. But the most notable of benefits is the all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages available to all club seat ticket holders. Add in a climate controlled club lounge with upscale furniture and numerous TVs, and you're left with a winning recipe for leaving a great impression.

If a premium lounge and all-inclusive experience isn't exactly what you're looking for, we recommend considering the Diamond Box Front Row seats. Located in the very first row (F) of lower level sections 140-164, the views of the players and the field are nothing short of stunning thanks to being so close. What makes these seats even more memorable is that you'll also get to experience some of the most generous legroom a fan could find across the MLB (it feels as if there are two empty rows in front of you). The one downfall here is that you won't get to rest your food and beverage on top of a dugout or a dugout suite, but you'll never need to bother another fan as you try to reach your seat thanks to the makeshift aisle created by the enormous legroom.

Should you be working with a healthy budget when trying to find a great seat for impressing a guest at a Guardians game, the Dugout Suites provide a one of a kind experience that is sure to never disappoint. These private 12 person suites literally give you a dugout style view as your eye level will be only a foot or so above the surface of the field. Each suite comes with a private restroom, suite attendant, and optional catering service. You won't find a closer seat to home plate, and fans here are also frequently seen in the background of the television broadcast.

Sections Section 326, Section 328, Section 330 and Section 332

  • Good elevated view from the first base side of the field
  • Exclusive club level amenities
  • Inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages in addition to climate-controlled club access

Rows F in Sections Section 140, Section 142, Section 144 and Section 146

  • Some of the best legroom in all of baseball from the Diamond Box Front Row
  • Amazing views incredibly close to the field
  • You'll never need to get up to let someone move through the seating row

Sections Dugout Suite 1, Dugout Suite 2, Dugout Suite 3 and Dugout Suite 4

  • Truly unique experience in a dugout style suite
  • As close as you can get to the batters box at Progressive Field
  • Great spot for making it on to the television broadcast

Best Seats for Kids and Family

It would be difficult to not start out our list of recommendations for a family outing at Progressive Field without mentioning the Family Deck. Formerly known as the Mezzanine, these 300 level sections beyond the right field wall (303-316) are an ideal spot for bringing the family to a Guardians game, especially if you have little ones as you'll be right by the multi level Kids Clubhouse in the right field corner. There are a number of fun activities are available for children of all ages in the Clubhouse, including Sliders Field, a two-story slide, and many different games. For adults, there is a viewing area in the clubhouse where you can still see the field. But for enjoying the game from your ticketed seats, it is important to note that the seats in sections 303-316 face towards the west, leaving you with a good amount of sun during day games. Therefore, we recommend opting for rows M and as these seats will have some overhead coverage to help during mid day innings.

Another good option for a family day at the ballpark can be found in the upper rows of sections 129-134 down the right field line. The seats here have an excellent viewing angle to the impressive videoboard in left field, and while they are also on the sunnier side of the field, you can sit higher in the section (opt for the double lettered rows) and have good overhead coverage from the club seating deck above. A family restroom is nearby at section 125, along with an ice cream stand at section 138 and a speed pitch booth at section 130.

If you want to get a bit closer to the action on the infield, we recommend considering the double lettered rows of sections 155-158. You'll be close to the Guardians dugout with great views to the heart of the diamond, while remaining behind the protective netting for a safer environment. Seats here are on the shadier side of the field, and if you opt for the double lettered rows you'll never have more than an 8 row walk between the seats and the concourse. As an additional bonus, there is a great concentration of concession options nearby where you can find something for just about everyone in the family, including a Dippin' Dots stand for the little ones.

Rows M-U in Sections Section 303, Section 304, Section 307 and Section 309

  • Also known as the family deck, right by the kids club house
  • More affordable option beyond the right field wall
  • Covered seating in rows M and higher

Rows AA-HH in Sections Section 155, Section 156, Section 157 and Section 158

  • On the shadier side of Progressive Field
  • Close to the Guardians dugout while still behind the protective netting
  • Easier access at the top of the lower seating tier

Rows AA-HH in Sections Section 129, Section 130, Section 131 and Section 134

  • Family restroom and multiple concessions nearby
  • Covered seating in the double lettered rows
  • Excellent viewing angle to the large videoboard

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

The view from the Corner Drink Rails in right field. This is one of the most popular areas of the ballpark thanks to its feature bar, ledges and social atmosphere.
While the Corner Bar in right field is usually packed, the Left Field District is not nearly as crowded
The lower area of the Corner Bar. This is a popular spot for guests with a Standing Room Only ticket.
The Corner drink rails.
Looking up at the second level of the Corner Bar above the drink rails.

Sections 102, 103, 107 and 108

  • Close to a cluster of bars near the outfield seating
  • Good opportunity to socialize while watching the game
  • Some of the most affordable tickets in the outfield

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Partying and Socializing.

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

It's difficult for a visiting team fan to find a better spot than right behind the visitors dugout along the first base line at Progressive Field. The dugout suites behind home plate make it hard to tell where the team bench actually comes to an end, but rest assured that sections 140-146 give you the best perch for watching your team's players as they enter and exit between innings. Opt for lettered rows F-O to stay within 10 rows of the dugout where you get tremendous views of the infield and excellent alignment to the impressive left field videoboard. If you are lucky enough to score a seat in row F (up against the back wall of the dugout), you'll have some of the most impressive legroom in all of major league baseball.

Another good option for away team supporters are the lowest rows (A through E) in sections 138 and 136. These seats actually put you on the side of the visitors dugout, but unfortunately don't have great views into the bench thanks to the camera men stationed at the edges. However you'll still get excellent face time with the players as they return the bench after a half inning of defense out on the field. These are some of the closest seats to the grass that you can find without having to spend an arm and a leg on a Dugout Suite.

If you find yourself working with a budget but still looking to get to Progressive to cheer on your team as they square off against the Guardians, we recommend searching in center field section 103. Low seat numbers here (best option being seat 1) provide a one of a kind spot with great views down to the adjacent bullpens. This section is also a good spot if its your first time at the ballpark, as they keep you close to some of Progressive's more unique common areas beyond center field, including Heritage Park and the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast booth.

Section 103

  • Great views down to the bullpens from the lower numbered seats
  • Near unique Progressive Field attractions just beyond center field

Rows F-O in Sections Section 140, Section 142, Section 144 and Section 146

  • Right behind the visitors dugout
  • Excellent views of the infield
  • Great angle to the impressive left field videoboard

Rows A-E in Sections Section 136 and Section 138

  • Right beside the visiting team dugout
  • Excellent views of the players taking and leaving the field
  • Impressive proximity to the action

Seating Tips & Advice

  • "The Steep Upper Level Presents Challenges" - A steep staircase will present itself to fans buying tickets in the 500 level. If you are sitting in the Upper Level, do your best to get tickets closest to row E, which is where the tunnel to the concourse is located. This will limit your walk up the stairs and reduce the chances of you spilling your beer. Row W has you walking up and down nearly 20 steps each time you get food and go to the restroom.

Progressive Field Seating Reviews

  • "Great for game; lousy for fireworks. " - - These seats have a great view of the field, except for balls hit down the right field corner. Becaus...
    Section 140, Row EE, Seats 7-10
  • "Very expensive seats" - - For 4 tickets we paid $37 per ticket for $12 face value tickets PLUS over $12 PER TICKET MORE for sh...
    Section 103, Row F
  • "Good view of the field" - - Seats were good, view of the field was good! Good game (we won). Little pricey for food etc.. $4...
    Section 163, Row AA, Seats 7-8
  • "Can't ask for better seats" - - The view of the game is remarkable from these seats & the vendors are plentiful in this section as w...
    Section 152, Row T
  • "Great Seats" - - The seats are in a perfect position to view everything that goes on. Unfortunately our game was a ra...
    Section 336, Row N, Seat 7
  • "Water logged, smelly, no cup holders,close to field" - - I would not recommend these seats. Standing water that smelled like sewage. The cup holders were g...
    Section 113, Row A, Seats 11,12
  • "Behind Visitors Dugout" - - I like the seats in this section - especially when it's cold. The seats are in the sun and you get ...
    Section 140, Row S, Seat 6
  • "Great seats for a cloudy day" - - Sitting in section 140 on a cloudy and somewhat rainy day was perfect. We felt close enough to the f...
    Section 140, Row Z, Seats 7,8
  • "Just Past the Indians Dugout" - - Great view, as you will be looking over the third-base coach's shoulder. But you must be alert for ...
    Section 165, Row F, Seat 5
  • "Great view of the field and scoreboard" - - Located on the first base side beyond the visitors' dugout. Great view of the scoreboard and great a...
    Section 134, Row G, Seats 7-10
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    Venue & Seating Questions

    • Where is Suite 145 at Progressive Field?

      Suite 145 is located almost directly behind home plate, so you will want to enter through Gate D as this is the closest entry point for seats near home plate (Gate D is located at the south end of the ballpark, near the corner of Carnegie Ave and Ontario Street).

      Unforunately, parking is difficult to find right near Gate D, and the closest options will be near the right field corner, in the lots just east of 9th Street on Carnegie Ave.

      Pictured Above: Entry Gate D at Progressive Field
    • What amenities are included in the 1948 Suite at Progressive Field?

      The 1948 Suite is a premium seating option at Progressive Field that is located behind home plate. This is a group seating area with 16-20 people in the suite for each game. The main amenities that come with this suite include:

      • 4 parking passes

      • A food and beverage package

      • Private restrooms

      • A suite attendant to assist you in any way

    • When you have club seats, when are you able to get into the lounge?

      Premium areas at Progressive Field are accessible one hour before first pitch. For Saturday games, premium areas open two hours before first pitch.

      For your Tuesday night game, you will be able to enter the stadium through the RF Gate two hours before first pitch, but will have to wait an hour before entering the club lounge.

    • What time do the doors open to the club seating restaurant/bar area?

      For a Friday night game, all premium seating areas open one hour prior to first pitch. You will be able to enter the stadium two hours early through the RF Gate, but will not have access to the club area until 6:10 PM.

      For Saturday night games, the club area opens two hours prior to first pitch.

    • Is there a walkway between rows A-Z and AA-CC at Progressive Field?

      In the Lower Level (100 Level) at Progressive Field, there is no walkway between single-letter and double-letter seats. Row AA is directly behind Row Z.

      Progressive Field Rows
      There is no walkway between Row Z and Row AA in the lower level at Progressive Field (photo from Row BB)
    • How many rows in each section at Progressive Field?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.
    • Is seat number 1 on the left or right side of sections?
      As you look towards the field from your seats, lower number seats are on your right.
    • More Answers...
    • Is Section 262 Row C at Progressive Field OK seats?
    • What letter is the last row of the bleachers?
    • How many seats are in Row L of Section 555?
    • Where is a good family area in the shade at Progressive Field?
    • What is the view like sitting in Section 316 at Progressive Field?
    • Is there handicap seating in Section 142 at Progressive Field?
    • How are the seats at section 169 row Y?
    • When seated in the bleachers, can you gain access to the entire concourse?

    Other Photos From Progressive Field

    progressive field bullpens
    The outfield bullpens have the Guardians pitchers warm up towards the front and the visiting team in the back.
    home plate drink rails
    The top of sections 152-155 include movable chairs with a ledge for putting food, drinks and phones. Combined with their impressive view from behind home plate, these might be the best seats at Progressive Field.
    progressive field bullpens
    The bullpens are in right-center field, adjacent to 103 and behind 101.
    progressive field visitor bullpen
    The visitor bullpen is just below the main standing room only area in right-center.
    progressive field left field bar
    While the Corner Bar in right field is usually packed, the Left Field District is not nearly as crowded
    suite views progressive field
    View from a Suite on the third-base side of Progressive Field.
    home plate club view
    View from the Lexus Home Plate Club at a Progressive Field.

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