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Balcony Seating

  • Balcony Seating - The Balcony at the Orpheum Theater consists of 5 sections with tiered seating much like the Main Floor. For the most central views, seats in Balcony ...

Balcony Boxes Seating

  • Balcony Boxes Seating - The Balcony Boxes at the Orpheum Theatre consist of 3 boxes each on the right and left side of the theater. Since the boxes are on the sides of the th...

Main Floor Seating

  • Main Floor Seating - The Main Floor at the Orpheum Theatre consists of 5 sections. The Pit section has three rows in it and it is the closest section to the stage. The 4 f...

Orpheum Theatre Seat Views

Orpheum Theatre Seating Reviews

  • "Funny Girl - Jan 16, 2024" - - Close enough for a pair of seniors to get a great view of the entertainers and hear the performance ...
    Main Floor 3, Row J   Verified Customer
  • "Les Miserables - Dec 11, 2022" - - Every seat has a great view of the stage. Seats in row S do not allow you to see faces or expression...
    Balcony 8, Row T   Verified Customer
  • "My Fair Lady - Mar 6, 2020" - - These seats were perfect. Thank you.
    Balcony 9, Row E   Verified Customer
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