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Orioles Ticket Information

2023 Orioles tickets

The 2023 Orioles tickets guide includes the season schedule, ticket price information and the best options for buying tickets.

All-Inclusive Picnic Perch Seating

section 284, row tb seat view  - oriole park
  • All-Inclusive Picnic Perch Seating - The Picnic Perch at Camden Yards is one of the most popular tickets for an Orioles game. A ticket in this area treats guests to an all-inclusive menu ...

Bleachers Seating

  • Bleachers Seating - The Oriole Park Bleachers are a group of sections in right field below the main scoreboard and next to the out-of-town scoreboard. If you're a fan who...

Field Level Seating

section 26, row 27 seat view  - oriole park
  • Field Level Seating - To many, the best tickets at an Orioles game are located at Field Level. These sections are closest to the field and are labeled with even-numbers les...

Flight Deck Seating

The Flight Deck is a group party area in right-field on the Club Level. This space is located at the top of sections 204-210 and accommodates small groups looking for a semi-private setting with club amenities.

Orioles Dugout & Visitor Dugout

Orioles Dugout - The Orioles players sit in front of Section 22, Section 24 and Section 26

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 48, Section 50 and Section 52

Terrace Level Seating

  • Terrace Level Seating - On the Orioles seating chart, odd-numbered sections in the lower level are known as Terrace Level Seats. These seats are well-regarded for their quali...

Upper Level Seating

oriole park upper level
  • Upper Level Seating - Upper Level seats at Oriole Park are sections labeled in the 300s. These sections have up to 25 rows with covered seating at the back and an entran...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Oriole Park Covered Seats
  • Shaded and Covered Seats - Shaded Seats at Oriole Park A typical day game at Oriole Park features plenty of sun and high temperaturesWhether it's a Sunday afternoon or a ho...

Oriole Park Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

Despite being one of the ten oldest ballparks in use today, Oriole Park has held up as an excellent place to watch a game. The stadium offers fans a number of different vantage points at a variety of price levels. Whether you're looking for a seat at field level or in the upper deck, great views can be found on every seating deck.

Oriole Park is split up into three main seating decks - field level, club level and the upper deck. When looking at seats at field level, it's important to understand the distinction between even and odd-numbered sections. Even-numbered sections in the lower level are known as field boxes - or lower boxes - and are the closest seats to the field. These sections typically occupy the first 30 rows of seating. A walkway is then located behind the last row of the boxes before row numbers reset in the odd-numbered sections known as the terrace boxes. If you're looking for the closest seats to the field, you'll want to aim for tickets with a low row number in an even-numbered section.

If you're looking for a comfortable view in the lower level, you may be comparing the higher rows of the lower/field boxes to the terrace boxes. Although they'll likely cost you a few more dollars, we recommend the higher rows of the even-numbered box seats. Like the terrace boxes, they offer very good elevation for seeing the entire field comfortably. But unlike the terrace boxes, they are located in front of the walkway instead of behind it. Fans have been known to crowd the walkway and heavily distract or disrupt the views of guests seated in the terrace seats. By sitting just in front of the walkway, you'll have quick access to the concourse without all of the distractions.

The absolute best views at Camden Yards are located in the Press Box. Since it might be difficult to obtain media credentials, you'll have to settle for nearby club sections. Located on the 200 level, club sections are situated at an ideal height for seeing the field comfortably. These seats hang over the terrace boxes of the lower level, bringing you closer to the field than you'd expect from an elevated location. While the elevation is great all around the club level, we recommend purchasing tickets in a section as close to the infield as possible. Club sections down the lines face the outfield instead of home plate and will force you to turn your head to see the majority of the action. For the best overall experience, consider tickets in sections 242-250 where you get a better view of the scoreboard and warehouse and where the sun will set behind you.

Like the club level seats directly below, the upper deck of Oriole Park hangs over the lower seating decks. Not only does this create excellent cover and shade for fans in 200 level sections, it gets fans in the "cheap seats" much closer to the field. In fact, the first five rows of these sections are closer to the field (horizontally) than many of the terrace box seats on the lower level. Given their location so close to the field and relative low price, the first five rows of the upper deck are likely the best value in all of baseball. In addition to tremendous value, sections 332-340 are the only elevated sections behind home plate. These seats provide a comfortable view of the field in a single glance and still keep you close enough to stay engaged in the action.

Keep the following in mind when purchasing tickets:

  • When comparing similar tickets, always choose the seats on the third base side of the field; these seats have a better view of the scoreboard and warehouse and are less sunny than seats on the first base side
  • Avoid sections 10-14, 64-70, 204-212, 260-270, 306-310 and 362-372 - or bring an ice pack for your neck; these seats require you to turn your head to see home plate - an outfield seat will be cheaper and more comfortable
  • Terrace box sections (lower level odd sections) are completely under cover and can feel boxed in; avoid double-digit rows here unless your priority is sun avoidance

Rows 20-29 in Sections Section 30, Section 32, Section 34 and Section 36

  • Excellent view from behind home plate with a little bit of elevation
  • Located just in front of the walkway for quick trips to the concourse
  • Good view of the scoreboard in right-centerfield

Sections Section 242, Section 244, Section 246 and Section 248

  • Excellent elevation seeing the entire field comfortably
  • Head-on view of the videoboard from the less-sunny side of the field
  • Additional comforts as part of club level seating

Rows 1-5 in Sections Section 330, Section 332, Section 334 and Section 336

  • Perhaps the best upper deck seats in all of baseball
  • Excellent view from behind home plate and on the infield
  • Not as high up as most upper deck seats and much closer to the field than expected

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Sections 220, 222, 226 and 228

  • Receive club level amenities along with infield views
  • Some seats include in-seat wait service with upscale dining options
  • Access to climate-controlled lounges and bars

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Best Seats for Kids and Family

Photo Credit: @keithallison/flickr

With Eutaw Street serving as the back-drop, Oriole Park is more commonly thought of as a destination for adults looking to soak up a cold one and socialize with friends. Never-the-less, there are a number of seating options and attractions at Camden Yards that cater specifically to kids and family.

While groups of adults typically make a bee-line towards right-field when gates open, families will want to enter through Gate A or C and head straight towards the Kids Corner. This interactive fun area features baseball activities like a batting cage and speed pitch, along with other attractions like a moon bounce and climbing area. To sit near the Kids Corner, choose a seat in terrace sections 9, 11, 13 or 15. These seats are fully covered and less exposed to the sun than most seats in right field.

If you are worried about sun exposure, odd-numbered terrace sections 35-71 are your best bet for staying out of the rays. The seats are fully covered by the overhang and the sun sets behind these sections. Other considerations include high-number rows in the club level or upper deck on the third base side of the field.

Another option for a fun family experience is sitting in the Picnic Perch seats in sections 282-288. These are all-inclusive seats with unlimited ballpark food, soda and water. Just make sure to get your ticket stamped at section 282 before the game to take advantage of the free food and drink.

Other family-friendly activities at Oriole Park include:

  • Kids run the bases after every Sunday home game
  • Monthly fireworks nights - typically on a Friday night - fans seated in the outfield will be asked to move when the show starts; we recommend an upper deck seat behind home plate for the best fireworks views

Rows 1-5 in Sections Section 312, Section 316, Section 318 and Section 320

  • Right above the Kids Corner which has a moon bounce, speed pitch, batting cage, and a play and climb area
  • More affordable tickets on the upper level
  • Close proximity to a number of concessions

Sections Section 9, Section 11, Section 13 and Section 15

  • Close to the Kids Corner with a number of kid-themed activities
  • Seats are covered to protect from the elements, including rain and sun
  • Close to two stadium gates for easy in and out

Sections Section 282, Section 284, Section 286 and Section 288

  • All-inclusive seating area with ballpark food and drinks included
  • Access to club level
  • Perfect for the family who spends a lot on concessions anyways

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

Sections 27, 29, 31 and 33

  • Close to the main bar in the stadium
  • Most seats are covered by an overhang, which keeps them cool
  • Easy access to concourse to get to restrooms and concessions

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Partying and Socializing.

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

Photo Credit: @keithallison/flickr

If you're visiting Oriole Park and cheering on the away team, there are a few distinct seating options to consider. The first seats on your list should be those behind the visitor dugout on the third base side of the field. Row 1 in sections 48, 50 and 52 is located just above the visiting team dugout. In addition to being close to your favorite players, you'll be close to the popular Free State Pub near section 52 where you can order a locally-brewed craft beer.

For the budget-conscious fan who still wants to be close to his/her favorite players, consider seats near the visitor bullpen in section 86. The bullpens at Oriole Park are located one in front of the other with the Orioles pen just in front of the visitors. Sitting in rows 12 or higher in section 86 will have you directly adjacent to the visitor bullpen. For an even cheaper alternative, consider purchasing a Standing Room Only ticket. There are a number of SRO spaces just above the bullpens which will allow you to watch the pitchers as they warm up.

A visit to Camden Yards would be incomplete without a stroll down Eutaw Street in right field. The entertainment and activity hub of the ballpark, this area features a number of local food options, a climate-controlled pub (Dempsey's), the Bud Patio and a host of baseball-specific attractions. For night games the area is only accessible to patrons with a game ticket and is the most popular pre-game destination. For seating near Eutaw Street, consider an SRO ticket (there are standing spaces above the RF wall) or a ticket in sections 1-6. Just remember to bring a hat - this area of the park is a magnet for the sun!

Rows 1-10 in Sections Section 48, Section 50 and Section 52

  • Within ten rows of the visiting team dugout
  • Excellent proximity to the popular Free State pub
  • Less sunny side of the field with a direct view of the scoreboard

Rows 12-12 in Section 86

  • Adjacent to both team bullpens
  • Close access to the outfield concourse and Eutaw Street
  • Also consider a standing room only ticket to stand above the bullpens

Oriole Park Seating Reviews

  • "Great Seats, Not So Great Outcome!" - - Our seats were in the upper deck behind the pressbox and slightly to the right of home plate ... per...
    Section 332, Row 4, Seats 12-13
  • "The worst seat I have ever had" - - This is the worst seat I have ever sat in for any event. Someone choose to put this seat right at th...
    Section 83, Row 5, Seat 2
  • "Great Views of Game and City!" - - Great views of the game on third base side. Actual first row with minor view obstruction from raili...
    Section 248, Row 1
  • "Can't see anything not hit on the ground" - - In the first inning, there were back to back homeruns. I'm sure they were awesome, but you can't see...
    Section 53, Row 13, Seat 1
  • "Don’t recommend" - - There is a reason these seats were cheapest for lower level. You cannot see the scoreboard and the s...
    Section 73, Row 12, Seat 4
  • "Great View" - - The seat is on the aisle and has a very good view of the overall field for baseball game. I would de...
    Section 352, Row 22, Seat 1
  • "Unusable Seat" - - This seat is right up against the angled 3rd base wall. The seat is at an angle to the wall and so ...
    Section 70, Row 3, Seat 11
  • "Good view of field, felt close to infield" - - Nice being in back row so my grandkids could stand up when they wanted to, and the seats are underco...
    Section 55, Row 11, Seat 1
  • "Miami Marlins at Baltimore Orioles - Jul 15, 2023" - - Crazy great view of the stadium and field, could hear the ball hit the catchers mitt on every pitch,...
    Section 228, Row 2   Verified Customer
  • "New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles - Jul 30, 2023" - - Fairly close to home plate, but due to the overhang from the deck above us, it was like watching the...
    Section 43, Row 13   Verified Customer
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    Behind home plate at Camden Yards for a baseball game
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    View from a Suite at Oriole Park.

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