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A Deck Seating

  • A Deck Seating - A Deck Seating at Ohio Stadium refers to lower-level sections that form the core of the stadium's horseshoe shape.  Sections are numbered 1A-30A ...

AA Deck Seating

  • AA Deck Seating - Some of the most desirable seats at Ohio Stadium are those found in the AA Deck. These sections are nearly at field level and are as close to the acti...

B Deck Seating

  • B Deck Seating - When looking at the Ohio Stadium seating chart, B Deck sections are tucked between the lower and upper levels. Seats in this area offer a unique gamed...

Box Seats

  • Box Seats - Box Seats at Ohio Stadium are an ideal choice for guests who are looking for a comfortable and convenient experience. All Boxes are located under...

C Deck Seating

  • C Deck Seating - The C Deck at Ohio Stadium forms the stadium's famous horseshoe on the upper level. These are some of the stadium's largest sections and are also r...

D Deck Seating

  • D Deck Seating - Ohio Stadium features Upper Deck seating on both sides of the field. But the experience is vastly different depending on which side you're on. On...

Ohio State Sideline & Visitor Sideline

Ohio State Sideline - The Ohio State sideline is in front of Section 19AA and Section 21AA

Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 20AA and Section 22AA

Seats with Backs

  • Seats with Backs - Most seats at Ohio Stadium are bench-style. For guests who prefer a more comfortable experience, select sections have seats with backs. All Box S...

Student Section

Ohio State Student seating is mainly found in Sections 31A-39A, 31B-39B, and 37AA-39AA.

Student seating is sometimes found near sections 1A-6A and C-5C but varies based on attendance.

Visitor Section

Visiting team ticket allotments are in sections 6AA and 8AA near the field. Other sections for visiting fans are typically in the northeast corner of the C deck at Ohio Stadium. Allotments can vary by the opponent.

Shaded & Covered Seating

Only about 15% of all seats at Ohio Stadium offer some type of shade or cover. Below is a sample of seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at different times of the day. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

  • Rows 35 and above in Club 5 are covered
  • Rows 35 and above in Section 25A are covered
  • Rows 35 and above in Section 27A are covered
  • Rows 35 and above in Section 7A are covered
  • Rows 1 and above in Section 14B are covered
  • Rows 1 and above in Section 11b are covered
  • Rows 1 and above in Section 7b are covered
  • Seats in Section 15D are covered
  • Seats in Section 29D are covered
  • Seats in Section 9bx are covered
  • Seats in 25D BX are covered

Ohio Stadium Seat Views

Recommended Seats for Great Views of the Field

Sections 19AA, 20AA, 21AA and 22AA

  • Great 50 yard line view
  • Some of the closest seats to the action right behind the players on the sideline
  • Not many rows, makes it quicker to get to the concourse and back

Sections 18BX, 20BX, 22BX and 24BX

  • Box seating with excellent viewing angles near midfield
  • Chairback seating for added comfort
  • Just 2 rows of seating in each section make it quick and easy to get to and from

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Great Views of the Field.

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Sections Club 1, Club 2, Club 3 and Club 4

  • Amazing 50 yard line views
  • Wider seats with chair-backs
  • Exclusive club amenities

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Recommended Seats for Kids and Family

Sections 19D and 21D

  • Small sections making it easier to get in and out the seats
  • Far from the student sections behind both endzones
  • Close to a water fountain and a family restroom in the concourse

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Kids and Family.

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

Sections 1A, 1C, 2A and 2C

  • Designated student seating areas
  • Energetic atmosphere among the student fans

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Partying and Socializing.

Seating Tips & Advice

  • "Love being in the D deck." - You are up there - right under the press box. Sheltered from the sun and the rain/sleet/snow. Great sight lines, short restroom lines. We love it!

Ohio Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Great view!! High up but awesome view of everything!" - - Our seats were very good. U can see everything from here. Its only a few rows from the very top row ...
    Section 8C, Row 27, Seat 11
  • "Thought I would hate them, LOVED Them instead!!" - - Thought I'd hate these seats since they were in C deck away from the field. Ended up LOVING them ins...
    Section 27C, Row 29, Seat 35
  • "Western Kentucky Hilltoppers at Ohio State Buckeyes Football - Sep 16, 2023" - - For being in the most upper deck, they provide a good vantage point. That said, there is a plexiglas...
    Section 15D, Row 4   Verified Customer
  • "Could see it all" - - Could see it all. Very top row has a built-in back rest - the concrete wall. It also means that if...
    Section 26C, Row 41, Seats 7 & 8
  • "Penn State Nittany Lions at Ohio State Buckeyes - Nov 23, 2019" - - The seats were as described. A little more than halfway up the section, the visibility was great. Ra...
    Section 14A, Row 25   Verified Customer
  • "Great Seats" - - If you like being up a little higher so you can not only enjoy the game, but take in a good view of ...
    Section 20C, Row 14, Seat 1
  • "Blocked view" - - When I bought the tickets it didn't say anything about obstructed view but when we got there a pole ...
    Section 27C, Row 41, Seats 37-38
  • "Excellent view of the entire field, 6 rows from the top" - - Great view of the entire field but it would have been helpful if I had a pair of field glasses. No ...
    Section 11C, Row 35, Seat 7
  • "Michigan State Spartans at Ohio State Buckeyes - Oct 5, 2019" - - Monster pillars block a good amount of the game - did not realize this was the case was definitely d...
    Section 20B, Row 8   Verified Customer
  • "Good View of entire field" - - The seats are high up but you can see the entire field. You are on 35 yard line on the Ohio State s...
    Section 19C, Row 13, Seats 5-6
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