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Balcony Seating

  • Balcony Seating - The Balcony at the Music Hall at Fair Park makes up the entire upper level. There are three levels within the balcony.  Fans will enter the level...

Orchestra Seating

  • Orchestra Seating - The Orchestra is the lower level of seating at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Each section is split to a front and rear portion.  Besides sitting i...

Pit Seats

  • Pit Seats - Pit seats are the 72 closest seats to the stage at the Music Hall at Fair Park. These seats are the first three rows of seating in front of the orches...

Music Hall at Fair Park Seat Views

Music Hall at Fair Park Seating Reviews

  • "Nose Bleeds" - - For theatrical fans you will not see the details in the actors faces, props, or other things the ave...
    Balcony PP, Row T
  • "Side View but Clear View" - - This section is so small. There are maybe 15 seats total so that was nice. The seats were all the wa...
    Balcony AA, Row F
  • "Amazing! Front Row of Balcony" - - Exceptional seats in the front row. I was a little worried of a blocked view from a railing when sit...
    Balcony D, Row A
  • "Nice and Comfortable" - - Music Hall at Fair Park has some of the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in. They were padded an...
    Orchestra B, Row HH, Seat 10
  • "MJ - The Musical - Nov 26, 2023" - - In the center. At the top of the theater, meaning very far from the stage.
    Balcony QQ, Row U   Verified Customer
  • "Joe Satriani and Steve Vai - May 4, 2024" - - As good as VIP without the added expense. Great venue and comfy seats!
    Orchestra D, Row C   Verified Customer
  • "Beetlejuice - The Musical - Feb 29, 2024" - - We saw beetlejuice the musical, Was a fun show.\n
    Orchestra E, Row HH   Verified Customer
  • Orchestra B, Row F   Verified Customer
  • Orchestra F, Row Q   Verified Customer
  • Orchestra D, Row EE   Verified Customer
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