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Seating Overview

Mizzou Arena is a large college basketball arena with a capacity of more than 15,000. For the biggest games, the stadium is notorious for being a loud, difficult place to play.

Lower Level

The lower level consists of sections on the 100 Level. The best of these sections are 114-116 on the players side and 105-107 on the opposite side.

A level of Suites breaks most of these sections (except for student sections) into lower and upper portions. The upper rows (28 and above) are easily accessible from the concourse.

The lower rows in each of these sections are accessed by walking down a couple staircases. Unfortunately, this makes for long trips to amenities from the best seats.

Upper Level

The upper level - also known as the 200s - is the best place to find cheaper Mizzou tickets. These sections still have chairbacks and good sitelines, but they're usually a lot cheaper than the lower level.

Despite being the farthest seats from the court, these sections usually provide good value.

Missouri Bench & Visitor Bench

missouri basketball visitor bench
The visiting team players sit in front of section 116 at Mizzou Arena.
missouri bench at mizzou arena
The Mizzou bench is located in front of section 114.

Missouri Bench - The Missouri players sit in front of Section 114

Visitor Bench - The visiting team sits in front of Section 116

Seats with Backs

  • Seats with Backs - Chairback seating is found in all sections except student seating on the west side of the arena. 

Student Section

missouri basketball zou crew
The Zou Crew student section near sections 101 and 120.
mizzou basketball student section
Looking towards the student section at Mizzou Arena. For big games, this is a packed and rowdy area that is exclusively for Mizzou students.
student seating sections
The student sections are bench-style seating with Standing Room Only spaces located at the top.

Mizzou students sit in sections 101-103 and 118-120 on the lower bowl behind the basket.

In the upper level, students will sit in 202-204 and 217-219.

Mizzou Arena Seat Views

Mizzou Arena Seating Reviews

  • "Incredible Seats at Center Court" - - As far as location goes, these are probably the best seats I've ever had for a basketball game. We w...
    Section 115, Row 6, Seats 11-12
  • "A little too close to the west end" - - Would have preferred seats in the same row and section a little closer to the east aisle, so you cou...
    Section 116, Row 32, Seats 10 and 11
  • "Excellent seats with a fantastic view" - - Easy to access, great crowd.
    Section 107, Row 32, Seats 16, 17, 18 ,19
  • Section 114, Row 24   Verified Customer
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    Other Photos From Mizzou Arena

    split sections
    At Mizzou Arena, many of the lower level sections are split by the Suites. This photo shows sections 109-112 on the east side of the venue. The yellow seats in the upper and lower portions are part of the same section.
    mizzou arena lower level sections
    The 100-Level sections at Mizzou Arena are split by the Suites. In this photo, you can see the lower portion of section 111, the Suites and then the upper portions of section 111 at the top.
    mizzou arena suites
    The Suites at Mizzou Arena are located about 30 rows from the court. These private areas have their own concourse, a private entry, televisions, seating and seats over-looking the court.
    The scoreboard at Mizzou Arena.

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