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The 200 Level at Michelob Ultra Arena/Mandalay Bay is a budget-friendly choice for concerts, basketball games and other events. Tickets in these sections tend to be much less expensive than in the 100 Level.

Best 200 Level Seats

Side sections are easily the best seats in the 200 Level. This includes 205-209 and 218-221. All guests will be seated within 30 rows of the floor, resulting in some of the best elevated views for concerts and basketball games.

Side sections are the smallest on the 200 Level. Sections have just 11 rows of seats which makes it easy to get it and out and lowers the likelihood of being disrupted by other fans.

If choosing between a low row in an End section and a high row in a Side section, always choose the Side section. Most of the back rows on the Side are closer than the front rows on the Ends.

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Journey - Mar 16, 2024"

      (Section 219) - -

      Great seats!

    • "Recommend Being Closer to the Stage"

      (Section 211) - -

      Mandalay is so small that you should pay a few extra bucks to be in one of the side sections instead of the corner. The view here is fine, but for 20 extra bucks you can get an amazing view.

    • "Good Value"

      (Section 222) - -

      Totally under-rated seats, loved em!

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