Lincoln Financial Field

Section 217 at Lincoln Financial Field


Lincoln Financial Field Section 217 View

Section 217 Seating Notes

  • For football games, we recommend these seats for kids and family
  • Section 217 is an alcohol-free section for Eagles games

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 217 are labeled 1-21
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 4
  • When looking towards the field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 217 Reviews

    • Alcohol Free Sections


      Possession of alcohol in Section 217 during Eagles games can lead to ejection from the stadium. 

    • Upper Endzone (Football)


      As seen on the Lincoln Financial Field seating chart, the Upper Level Endzone seating location is positioned on the north and south sides of the stadium. While these seats may be commonly referred to as some of the worst seats at Lincoln Financial Field, the elevation of the seats allows for a decent view of the action and Sections 209-215 offer the best skyline views in the stadium. One major complaint about these seats is how exposed they are - especially on a cold and windy day. The side of the North endzone is not attached to any other part of the stadium, so the seats get the most wind in the stadium. And if you're seated in the top rows (there are 22 in each section) of these sections on a windy day, you'll be wondering what's worse: the treacherous walk up all those steps or having to sit stationary as the wind keeps slapping you in the face. Of course, if you're a diehard Eagles fan, your misery will have plenty of company. The lifelong Eagles fans found in these sections care much more about beating the Cowboys and Giants than they do about a little wind. 

    • For Football - Recommended For Kids and Family


      Designated family section. No alcohol allowed in this section

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