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Section 310 at Kyle Field


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Section 310 Seating Notes

  • All seats in this section are stadium-style with backs - see more

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 310 are labeled 1-10
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 10

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    Awesome Seats

    Nov 2015

    Section 310, Row 1, Seat 8

    • 300 Level Sideline


      Seats along the 300 level sideline have a much different feel on the east sideline when compared to those on the west sideline. Fans in the east sideline sections of this location will see more sun than any other seating area at Kyle Field. East sideline seats also have significantly larger seating sections which feature 37 numbered rows of seating (entry tunnels located at Row 10). Overhead coverage is available in the back rows, but it won't provide significant shade as afternoon approaches and the sun moves towards the west. The experience is much different on the west 300 level sideline as seating consists of comfortable chairback seats and will also have smaller layouts for easier access to the concourse. Sections on the west sideline feature no more than 10 seats in each row, and will also have the sun at their back sooner than fans on the east sideline. 

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