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Section 315 at Kohl Center


Kohl Center Section 315 View

Section 315 Seating Notes

  • Section 315 is a student section for Wisconsin games

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 315 are labeled A-L
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row D
  • When looking towards the court, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 315 Reviews

    Empty behind the basket

    Nov 2013

    Section 315, Row A, Seat 11

    After noticing the 300 level sections behind the basket on the were almost completely empty (sections 314-316), I moved over to section 315 to get a seat in the front row and check out the view. I wasn't quite sure why the section was so vacant but I believe it is reserved for student seating, and on an early season Thursday night game there weren't many students anywhere other than one the lower level behind the basket just in front of me. Sitting in the front row was a cool feeling, but there was plenty in the way of the view. Being behind the basket was frustrating as the backboard and the dark tinted shot clock occupied my view of the top of the key. The guard rail at the front of the section was also in the way if I tried to lean back and put my feet up on the ledge while watching, so I had to lean forward to make sure the view wasn't obstructed any further. While the legroom was decent for a front row, the ledge just in-front of me was very small and I wasn't able to balance my bottle of water up there. If I leaned far forward, I had a cool overhead view of the students and band on the lower level below, which was fun to watch when they do their standard game cheers. Bucky the Badger was also busy bouncing around down there, so it was another cool thing to check out during the breaks in the game. In addition to being empty and easy to navigate, section 315 also had a bunch of restrooms just outside the entry tunnel (mens room, womens room, and a family restroom), and a concession stand just outside as well.

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