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The most popular seats for a concert at Kia Forum are those located on the floor. For an indoor arena, the venue has a large number of floor seats at a number of different price points.

The most common setup at Kia Forum is to have the stage at the end of the floor, closest to sections 113-124. In this end-stage setup floor seats are usually sub-divided into up to 13 different sections. The sections can best be categorized as front floor (sections A-E), middle floor (F-K) and rear floor (1-3). Most sections typically contain 20 rows with row 1 always at the front of the section.

In addition to front, middle and rear floor seating, floor seats can be further categorized into left, center and right. For example, sections A and F would be considered left floor, while E and K are right floor. While fans in the center of the floor will generally be treated to a quality head-on view of the stage, those seated on the left or right sides often complain about a poor angle and lack of elevation.

For the basic setup described above, all center sections have up to 16 seats in a row with seat 1 on your left as you look towards the stage. Other floor sections have up to 12 seats with the same left-to-right numbering system.

While rear floor sections aren't necessarily desirable, it should be noted that these sections are usually on shallow risers. So while the rest of the floor is flat, you will have a little bit of elevation to ease your view towards the stage.

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