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Section 134 at Hilton Coliseum


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Section 134 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 134 are labeled 1-19

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    • Lower Level


      The best seats at Hilton Coliseum are located in the stadium's Lower Level. These sections are labeled 101-142 and every seat is within 25 rows of the court. There are three main seating areas in the lower level: sideline, corner and baseline (behind the basket). Baseline sections are typically occupied by Iowa State students and are rarely available for purchase. In turn, corner sections are usually your best bet for a cheap lower level ticket. Sideline sections - when available - are an excellent choice thanks for the close proximity and excellent views. Sit near the top of each section to be closer to the concourse and to have comfortable views from side-to-side. 

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