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  • For most concerts, rows in Floor 1 are labeled A-Y

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      Sections 1-12 at Heritage Park Amphitheatre are commonly called Reserved Floor seats. Guests will enjoy a seat at ground level and have the closest views of the stage. Sections 1-3 are the best of the Floor sections. All guests will have clear sitelines from within 25 rows. Adjacent to the sections at the center are Floor 4-6 and 10-12. These sections flare out and feature angled views to the stage. Finally, sections 7-9 are usually the cheapest reserved tickets. These are behind the front Floor sections - about 25 rows from the stage. When buying tickets here, keep in mind that the flatness of the seating area can make it difficult to see over other people. Additional Notes  All seats are open-air (note covered) Row A is at the front of each section for most shows (see below) Sections 1-3 are occasionally shorted to make room for a general admission Pit near the stage 

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