Searching for Eagles Tickets in Your City

As the Eagles hit the road celebrating their Hotel California album, hundreds of thousands of fans will be out searching for tickets to the shows. For most stops on the tour, the band will headline multiple nights making it a little more unique of a tour.

You can read the tips when buying Eagles tickets which covers the tour as a whole. Here we discuss seats specific to each venue with a stop on the tour and hand selected some of the best seats for the Hotel California Tour.

**NOTE: The dates below have been rescheduled due to the Coronavirus. The information for each venue is still accurate when looking for tickets.  You can view the rescheduled dates here.

Eagles Tickets in Texas, Denver, Saint Paul

After several nights out East in Atlanta and New York, the band will move out West toward Texas and Colorado where they will spend nearly a month across three different cities.

Dallas - American Airlines Center - February 29, March 1, and March 17

Fans looking for Eagles tickets in Dallas will have three different nights to choose from.  The first are a couple of back to back shows on February 29th and March 1st followed by a third show a few weeks later on March 17.

For Eagles tickets in Dallas at American Airlines Center the goal should be to find tickets within the first five rows of the 300 level or lower.  Any higher of that will make the fans feel separated from the show. 

Row E in Section 318 American Airlines Center
Row E in the 300 level is the highest suggested row for seats to see the Eagles in Dallas

The best seats for the Eagles in Dallas are on the Floor in Sections 10-12 and in the side sections 105-107 and 120-118.

Houston - Toyota Center - March 6, March 7

Between the Dallas shows is another set of back to back nights in Houston. Being a Friday and Saturday night these shows at Toyota Center will be the place to be on these days.

Toyota Center Concert Seating
The difference between the lower and upper seated sections is drastic. If looking in the 400 level, seek out side sections over end sections

Toyota Center is unique on this tour with only a 100 level and then skipping to the 400 level. Fans looking for Eagles tickets in Houston should try to stay within the 100 levels for the best experience.

Of course with the price of tickets this is not always possible. If this is the case for you, shift your search to the 400 level side sections.  Since there are only two levels, these upper level seats can still provide better views than most.  The most important area to avoid are the upper rows in sections 415-421.

Denver - Pepsi Center - March 26, March 28

After nearly a ten day break, the Pepsi Center is the next stop on the Hotel California Tour.  The shows will happen on a Thursday and Saturday - the 26th and 28th of March.  Eagles tickets in Denver are among some of the cheaper prices seen on this tour.

For this reason, fans traveling might want to take a look at these shows. Floor tickets for these shows are nearly half the price of other venues on this tour.  If the 100 level is out of the question the 200 level is great for more intimate seating with only four rows of seats.

Pepsi Center Concert Seating
The Pepsi Center offers a wide variety of seating. Among the best are the lower level sections

If the ticket prices in Denver have you looking in the 300 sections, the odd-numbered sections are the best place to be.  Even the sections opposite the stage (319, 321, 323) are better than the lower rows of any 300 level side section.

St. Paul - Xcel Energy Center - April 3, April 4

Holding the only Midwest date of the entire run of shows is St. Paul at Xcel Energy Center which is just outside of Minneapolis. 

For Eagles tickets in St. Paul there are many different options and levels.  Here, the club level provides a really special view and is in between being up high enough without going too high.

Club Seat View for Concert at Xcel Energy Center
The club level sections at Xcel Energy Center offer good views and smaller sections

If looking in the 100 level try avoid going beyond sections 115 or 105.  At this point, the club sections closest to the stage will be the better view and experience.

Eagles Tickets in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Phoenix

After the spread out month of March, the Eagles will head out even further west to the California cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles before closing out the U.S. dates in Phoenix, Arizona.

San Francisco - Chase Center - April 11, April 12

For a special Easter weekend, fans can get Eagles tickets in San Francisco at the brand new Chase Center. For many fans this might be their first time in the new venue, so it is important to know where the best options might be. We reviewed Chase Center in depth.

First to note is that the 200 level is high and steep.  There are many clubs and suites built in above the 100 level seats and this raises the upper level crowd quite a bit. While the cheaper seats are up here, it is important for fans to be aware of this and weigh this before buying their Eagles tickets for the Chase Center shows.

Chase Center Concert Photo
Even the lower rows of a 200 section can lead to speaker obstructions for a concert

Otherwise, the views among all lower level 100 seats will be good. Even the last rows of the end sections will have good views for this tour.

Los Angeles - The Forum - April 17, April 18, April 24

Tickets to the Eagles in Los Angeles at The Forum seems like one of those ticket stubs to be cherished for some time. One of the world's most iconic bands playing in one of the most iconic venues.

For this reason, the Eagles will be playing three shows at The Forum starting out with back to back nights on April 17th and 18th before coming back the following week on the 24th.

The Forum Concert view
Seats in the 100 level are by far the best at The Forum. In the 200 level, try to be in row 10 or lower

The Forum is like a continuous bowl separated by a single walkway.  Any section in the 100 level will provide above average views. If you are searching for a bargain in the 200 level sections, keep it at or below row 10.  If you get any higher the speakers and other rigging will begin to obstruct the screens.

Phoenix - Talking Stick Resort Arena - April 21, April 26

Fans wanting to catch this tour last minute will need to find their Eagles tickets in Phoenix. on April 21 or 26. After these dates, the band currently only has three more shows scheduled for 2020 and they are all in other countries. 

Concert View at Talking Stick Resort Arena
At the front row at Talking Stick Resort Arena, fans are already even with the lighting rigs for concerts

The 100 level sections at Talking Stick Resort Arena have nearly 30 rows in them.  The entry tunnels come in at row 20, so fans who will have a harder time walking up and down a lot of steps should stick with tickets closer to this row.

Due to the larger lower level, this makes the upper level a little smaller and further away.  Tickets up here will find themselves about even with a lot of the equipment attached to the ceiling which takes away from the experience a bit.