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Section 214 at Frost Bank Center


Frost Bank Center Section 214 View

Section 214 Seating Notes

  • For basketball games, we recommend these seats for kids and family
  • For basketball games, we recommend these seats for partying and socializing
  • Related Seating: Balcony Level

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 214 are labeled 1-16
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 3
  • When looking towards the court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

For Concerts, Section 214 May Have a Limited View

214 is behind the stage or to the side of the stage for most concerts. This may restrict or limit your view of the performance.

For more information about the stage setup for your show, find your event.

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    • Balcony Level


      If you sit in the Balcony Level at Frost Bank Center, you might not realize that this is one of the smaller arenas in the NBA. With up to 23 rows of seats in each section, the Balcony Level is simply massive. Best Places to Sit in the Balcony Level For Spurs games, this area is also known as the HEB Fan Zone Level. Between sections 214 and 218 guests will find a party area with a massive bar, attractions and most of the amenities and concessions on this level. If convenience is important to you, we recommend sitting close to this end of the stadium. Regardless of what section you're sitting in, we strongly recommend purchasing tickets in the lowest row possible. This is a steep upper level and the top rows are a good 20-row walk from the section tunnel. Once you finally reach your seats and catch your breath, you'll notice sub-par views in the upper half of each section. Even if it means sitting farther away from the center of the arena, purchase tickets in rows 8 and below for the best experience in the Balcony/HEB Fan Zone.   

    • For Basketball - Recommended For Kids and Family


      Closest reserved seating to the H.E.B Fan Zone. Very affordable tickets . Area includes many interactive games and lots of concessions, perfect for children and the family

    • For Basketball - Recommended For Partying and Socializing


      Right by the H.E.B Fan Zone with interactive games. Very close to concessions and around 30 different beers create a good socializing atmosphere . Very affordable tickets

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