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  • Rows in Section 101 are labeled A-H, 1-35

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    • Courtside


      The lowest rows of sideline sections at the Ferrell Center are known as Courtside seats. This includes the first eight rows of seats on both sides of the court. Courtside seats are folding chairs that are setup at floor level. Despite being so close to the action, the biggest complaint is that there is not enough row-to-row elevation. Seeing over seats in front of you can be a challenge. Never-the-less, these are widely regarded as some of the best Baylor basketball tickets due to their close proximity and exclusivity. 

    • Lower Premium


      On the Baylor men's basketball seating chart, seats in the lower level are commonly referred to as Premium seats. Although these seats don't have any special amenities, they do have some of the best views in the stadium. Sections at the Ferrell Center are organized into Courtside rows, Premium rows and Upper rows. Premium seats start about 10 rows from the court and are located directly below the sectional entrance. Our favorite seats in these sections are rows 10-15. These seats have perfect elevation and are conveniently located near restrooms and concessions. 

    • Upper Reserved


      For men's basketball games, most upper level seats at the Ferrell Center are General Admission. But there are a few places where you can purchase a reserved ticket with an assigned row and seat. The primary places for reserved seating in the upper concourse are sideline sections in rows 16 and above. These seats offer a good elevated view and a seat you can call your own. 

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